6 Tips for Holiday Gift Knitting

By Missy Robinson

Are you planning on doing any gift knitting this year for the Holidays? I almost always knit a few washcloths to gift with handcrafted soap for an amazing (and appreciated!) gift. In years past, I've waited until I got my tree up to cozy up and feel all Christmassy n' stuff... well let me tell you.... that does NOT work. That is a sure fire way to really kill the joy that comes with knitting gifts! I was so rushed and stressed that I wasn't going to get all the gifts I had in mind complete in time. I'm SO happy I have finally figured out how to maintain the joy - and my sanity to survive Holiday Gift Knitting!


Looking for the same experience? My gift to you is to share my tips for stress-free and joyful gift knitting:

  1. Start Early! I'm sharing this blog in August for a reason. Rushing through a knitted gift is the fastest way to rob your joy (not to mention cause unnecessary mistakes)
  2. Choose simple patterns. There is a time and place for showpiece projects for those that are truly Knit Worthy - but I'm talking about all the little thoughtful projects made for the dozens of friends and hostesses you gift during the Holiday Season. If you have more than 5 gifts to knits, choose simple! Some of my favorites are these washcloths and Facial Scrubbies.
  3. Be done by December 1st! Keep the rush and stress at bay and plan to be done early. This allows you to actually enjoy the holiday season! Also - you never know who decides to have a gift exchange a little early - you'll be prepared. (It also allows a little buffer of time in case things go sideways - hey, it can happen).
  4. Make a plan and schedule. Start by making a list of everyone you want to gift your handknits (lucky ducks!). Figure out how many weeks there are until December 1st. Divide the total number of gifts you want to make by the number of weeks left. You now have a basic time phased plan for all of your gifts! Now of course you can fiddle with days and projects here and there to allow for "life" - but the point is, make a plan and stick to it!
  5. Consider pairing your handknit with other handcrafted goods to create a truly indulgent and meaningful gift! Of course Twisted Stitch Soapery is perfect here: Knit Worthy Soap to show how you feel about your giftee and a bottle of coordinating Hand and Body Lotion to bring a little SSL (Soft Skin Luxury) compliment a handknit washcloth beautifully. *chef's kiss*
  6. Enjoy the process! You've set yourself up for success! Grab a cup of tea, apply your favorite lotion and enjoy the craft you adore by knitting a truly thoughtful gift knowing that your recipient will genuinely enjoy and appreciate it.

There ya have it! It took about two years for me to figure out that gift knitting was absolutely NO fun when it's rushed, under pressure and stressful. Follow these tips and you're on your way to an enjoyable Holiday Season.

Who are you gift knitting for this year?