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Knit Abbreviation Stitch Markers by Jelly Makes Stuff

These laser cut stitch markers are perfect for keeping track of knitting instructions in a pattern! Each set of 6 includes 1 each of the following abbreviations: K2Tog, W&T (Wrap and Turn), SSK, YO, BOR, and a yarn ball. 


Each set includes 6 markers

Made by Jelly Makes Stuff

Jelly Makes Stuff is a menagerie of crafting and toddler good started in 2019. As an avid crafter and mother to a VERY active toddler I am constantly looking for ways to elevate my craft and entertain my kiddo so I can find five minutes to actually finish a project. Inspired by the knitting community, a toddlers imagination, and the local community makerspace I hope to create beautiful objects to make people smile (and to give every tired parent a moment of peace)! You can find Emily's store here: