It's time to start caring for yourself as much as you care for your hand knits!

We all know that your friends and family are knit worthy, but you know who else is knit worthy? YOU. I know first hand as a maker that we can sometimes put our own self care aside to make and craft for our loved ones, but I'm here to turn that upside down! Twisted Stitch Soapery is here to help transform your skin into the beautiful backdrop it's meant to be - so that you can show off your favorite finished objects, of course!

Twisted Stitch Soapery hand crafts products specifically to elevate your skin care. From soap that feels like the softest cashmere on your skin to lotion that will make even the most roughest cotton glide with ease between your fingers.

My entire bathroom feels like a spa when I use these products! Not to mention how wonderful my skin feels. I have very dry skin & the lotion is extremely moisturizing! - Dawn Z.

My name is Missy and I created Twisted Stitch Soapery in an effort to bring together my two dearest passions, soapmaking and knitting. I started making soap several years ago after stumbling across it mindlessly scrolling through YouTube one late night when I couldn't sleep. It blew my mind that a person could actually MAKE soap, so I gave it a whirl and instantly fell in love. I've spent countless days perfecting my formulations - and I nailed it.

Knitting was something I grew up watching my mom do, but really never had an interest in it myself. My mom passed away shortly after having a daughter of my own, and one day I decided I wanted to give knitting a try in her memory. It was much more difficult for me to learn than soapmaking, but I was determined and didn't give up! It took a while and many more sleepless nights with YouTube, but through several skeins, bottles of rum and an entire cloud of profanity still hanging over the PNW, I've come to adore it. It's a true passion!

Join me in celebrating ourselves as Knit Worthy and enjoy self care again! Take a look at the Twisted Bath and Body products, support our fellow makers in the Featured Artisans section and sign up for the newsletter to keep up with new products, new makers and WIPs!