Thank you for your interest in stocking Twisted Stitch Soapery in your store!

Twisted Stitch Soapery hand crafts products specifically to elevate skin care for the avid Knitter. From soap that feels like the softest cashmere on your skin to lotion that will make even the most roughest cotton glide with ease between your fingers.

I know first hand as a maker that we can sometimes put our own self care aside to make and craft for our loved ones, but I'm here to turn that upside down! Twisted Stitch Soapery is here to help transform each Knitter's skin into the beautiful backdrop it's meant to be - so that we can show off our favorite wearable finished objects, of course!

Self care is not a luxury, it's a necessity. It's time to normalize self care again for knitters who may not always remember that they too, are Knit Worthy.