Elephant Swatch Frame Wall Hanger

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Swatch Frame Wall Hangers by Jelly Makes Stuff

Ever wonder what to do with your swatch after figure out your gauge?  Turn it into art!  Emily from Jelly Makes Stuff has created these adorable wall hangings in the most adorable animal shapes to showcase you gauge swatches.  Brilliant!  

Simply sew a small piece of knitting, weaving, felting, crocheting, etc to the back of this wall hanger, screw the front to the back and it is ready to adorn any wall, bookshelf, or desk! This decor item is the perfect way to use your project swatches and you can change the backing at anytime, allowing you to endlessly refresh your decor.  Make use of your yarn odds and ends, practice a new stitch, or display all your project swatches with these laser cut and engraved swatch frames.

Each wall hanger measures 5x7 inches.

Made by Jelly Makes Stuff

Jelly Makes Stuff is a menagerie of crafting and toddler good started in 2019. As an avid crafter and mother to a VERY active toddler I am constantly looking for ways to elevate my craft and entertain my kiddo so I can find five minutes to actually finish a project. Inspired by the knitting community, a toddlers imagination, and the local community makerspace I hope to create beautiful objects to make people smile (and to give every tired parent a moment of peace)! You can find Emily's store here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JellyMakesStuff